benefits of promoting real estate business on social media

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Business

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. To maintain such a high growth rate, the government is spending so much amount on infrastructure. Here are the benefits of promoting a real estate business on social media.

Taking a home loan is easier now compare to 2005. That’s why there are lot of people wanting to buy their own property.

The purpose of buying any property can be investment or for living.

We all know, India has more than 600 million youngsters. Many of them are willing to buy their own flat or house.

That’s why the opportunity in construction business is literally amazing.

But, there is one draw back!

We generally see the ads of properties like ‘Buy 3 BHK Flat in Premium Area’ on newspaper. But, the today’s generation is not habituated to read newspaper every morning.

Even if many people read a newspaper, they tend to spend a few minutes reading newspapers.

These are the people who check their social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram mainly for more than 20 times a day!

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So, that’s where we should shift our marketing budget.

6 Benefits of Promoting Construction Business on Social Media:

1. Brand Building:

By posting regular content on social media, we are actually building a brand on social media.

Paid promotion on social media will help you to reach more people. Visual content on social media will help you to build brand.

2. Low Cost of Client Aquisition:

Compare to social media, the newspaper ads are very expensive.

Many times, real estate and construction companies spend 2-3 lac rupees on a newspaper ad. And end up getting no client!!

On the other hand, if you spend thousands on social media ads, you will get amazing results and that will eventually decrease Cost of Client Aquisition(COCA).

3. Most Accurate Target Audience:

In television, newspaper and radio ads, we simply cannot know who are our prospected clients. We have to target people in a broad way.

On the other hand, social media provides you the facility to target only those who are interested in buying a property.

4. Drive Traffic to Website:

If you have a high-quality dynamic website of your real estate or construction company then you will get the most benefits.

Generally, business websites includes portfolio, services, about us and contact us page. If we transfer people from Facebook ad to your website then your website will build strong reputation for your company.

5. Higher Engagement:

While posting and promoting content on social media, we get likes, comments and shares.

Using that data we can analyze who are interested in our product.

You can also take take feedback from your clients and ask them to give them rating.

6. Re-marketing:

After knowing the perfect target audience that means who have interacted with your content, we can display the ad to them over and over again.

That means, our ad will be shown on their Facebook feed multiple times a day. And that’s how we can re-target our prospected consumers.

Are you ready to boost your construction / real estate business on social media?

Let us help to build your brand on the internet. Contact for the best social media marketing solution.

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