chatbot for businesses a complete analysis by anuj vohra

Chatbot for Businesses: Complete Analysis

Gone are those days when there were so many people working at consumer center to solve consumers’ query. Today, we have Chatbot that has enabled enourmos opportunities.

Internet and technology have made a process so faster that businesses need to adopt new inventions.

People also prefer a faster process to solve their doubts and problems related to products or services. That’s the reason, the trend of calling to solve the query has been continuously declining.

Nowadays, there are so many Business to Consumer (B2C) and even Business to Business (B2B) companies prefer to leverage Chatbot rather than hiring for consumer care.

With the help of artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning, we can make a highly efficient chatbot.

Let’s first understand

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is a software that is used to make an interactive conversation with people to deliver messages or to solve problems.

For instance,

Have you ever tried to complain about delivery or for food in Zomato and Swiggy?

You redirected to the Chatbot and that gives you spontaneous reply to your problems. You don’t need to interact with a human directly.

chatbot for businesses a complete analysis by anuj vohra
Chatbot explained by Anuj Vohra

This blog also contains Facebook Chatbot. Kindly spare 1 minute.

6 Benefits of Chatbot for Businesses:

1. Data:

As soon as we implement a chatbot on our website or application and when people use the chatbot, the most important thing we get is DATA.

Generally, consumers or prospective consumers don’t prefer to make a call and ask for our products and services nowadays. Millennials don’t feel comfortable doing this activity.

Before making a conversation, a consumer needs to fill name, email id or mobile number (whichever a good lead generation option for your business). After submitting such details, a chatbot will do its work. Here, we get the essential thing that is DATA.

We can use the data. For example, we can use the email id for email marketing. We can use a mobile number for direct calling or via sending SMS or via adding the number to our Whatsapp group for consumers. Getting leads is easier while using a chatbot.

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2. Time-Saving:

In order to convince a consumer, we need to spend more time negotiation, solving a problem and the most important explaining product and service.

Such things require a lot of time.

By creating a chatbot, we can reduce or we can say eliminate most of the time for consumer service.

3. Delightful Consumer Experience:

For each and every good company loves to provide a delightful consumer experience.

When we use a chatbot, we make a section for “frequently asked questions”. If our consumer is asking the same kind of questions, we can deliver the fastest and highly efficient solutions.

At the end of the day, getting good feedback from consumers is the aim of businesses.

4. Fast Service:

As we elaborated on how we can establish a delightful consumer experience, proving fast service within so time is also a great benefit of a chatbot.

Solving problems quickly becomes a required thing because consumers have so many alternative options. People can switch to other service providers if we don’t give a faster solution to the problem.

5. Save Money:

All the tasks from taking query of the consumer to solving the problem are being done by Chatbot.

We do not need to spend money on hiring specialized staff that deals with the consumer.

6. 24 Hour Service:

By enabling chatbot to our business website and mobile application, we deliver high quality and delightful service to our consumers 24 hours.


People do a lot of market research before buying any product and service. Technology has given an astonishing facility to create faster communication experience with consumers.

We can help you with creating a highly efficient chatbot.

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