4 Secret Behind Coca Cola's Marketing Strategy

Coca Cola: Marketing Strategy

We all know Coca Cola is a world-famous soft drinks manufacturing company and almost every day we see television commercial (television ads). 4 Secret Behind Coca Cola’s Marketing Strategy.

But, have you ever thought what is the reason behind promoting a brand every single day?

The company was started in 1892 by Asa Candler.

Coca Cola has more than 500 brands in over 200 countries. The company earns billions of dollars of profits every year! The company serves 1.6 billion consumers every day!

It’s a huge company and number 1 in beverage industry.

The company has made significant growth by partnering with MacDonald’s, Sam’s Pizza, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John and many other international food chain companies. Coca Cola tries to make a lifetime contract with so many companies.

Their biggest competitor is PepsiCo. After entering in the newer market, the company tends to acquire popular local companies so that they can grab a high amount of industry market share easily.

4 Secret Behind Coca Cola’s Marketing Strategy:

1. Branding, Branding and Branding:

As I have discussed in the article of Storytelling in Business, Coca Cola has been doing with the help of television commercials for a long time.

The company shares such experiences in its television commercials happiness, enjoyment, success party and much more directly related to emotions.

It is a way of storytelling because the company is not trying to sell anything. Coca Cola is positioning the brand name ‘Coca Cola’ every single day to their consumers. That’s it.

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In all the television commercials, the company never forces consumers to buy their products.

The game is all about BRANDING!

2. Contracts:

There are lots of small, medium and large food chain companies have partnered with Coca Cola in order to build their brand!

There are millions of consumers go to multinational restaurants like McDonald’s. McDonald’s has created a combo packs and in every packs Coca Cola is there!

4 Secret Behind Coca Cola's Marketing Strategy

Here they have not spent anything to promote the product. McDonald’s is helping them to get Coca Cola more consumers.

This way, Coca Cola has created win-win situations with thousands of companies.

Also, we see Coca Cola in a movie theaters. That’s another stream of selling products.

3. No Target Audience! :

You may have observed that Coca Cola does not have a specific target audience. That’s the reason the company most of the time promote the product via television commercials.

The target audience is not limited to age, location and gender. It can be delivered in restaurants, homes, parties, offices and everywhere.

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4. Word of Mouth:

Today, Coca Cola is so famous that whenever we hear the world soft drinks, the first thing that comes into our mind is Coca Cola.

That’s what the power of branding!

Word of mouth is so powerful that it can lead any business to auto-pilot mode.

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