Easyka Digital is B2B2C Company: Explained

When the main business does not have direct access with the end consumer, for that purpose, the business has another company from which business get in touch with the consumers. This is called Business to Business to Consumer: Business model.

Here is the approach of Easyka Digital Solutions.

Technically, our company is B2B. Right?

That’s what everybody think.

Each and every digital marketing company is generally B2B company that is Business to Business.

We get in touch with the business that wants to promote any kind of product and service on social media. This is the most common thing among all the online marketing agencies.

Our approach of doing business is different!

First, we understand who are the potential consumers of our clients. Our first priority is to understand what our clients want.

Therefore, we become more consumer centric! And eventually, we deliver our best service to our clients.

Understanding the business model is one of the most interesting things.

There are many digital marketing companies charges heavily to their clients and still unable to deliver the satisfying result.

Such a thing occur when the digital marketing company does not understand the business model of a client properly.

We believe in giving genuine advice on how much money the company should spend to grow the business online.

Our focus is only to reach end consumer of our client.

That’s the reason we call Easyka Digital is a B2B2C company.

Let us help to grow your business online!

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