6 Ways to Build a Personal Brand as an Artist

How to Build Personal Brand as an Artist?

In the world of internet, people have gotten the access to share their creativity on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. But, most people have lack of knowledge for building their personal brand. Here are the 6 ways to build personal brand as an artist.

I have seen lots of people who create their own Instagram page related to art and craft, sketch, drawing, music and many other things.

But, most of them failed to build a good personal brand not because they are not good artists but because they simply don’t know how the particular platform works.

Building a brand using social media platforms takes time. Young artists and creators lose their patience too quickly and believe that social media sucks!

Here are the 6 ways to build a personal brand as an artist.

6 Ways to Build a Personal Brand as an Artist

1. Understand the Platform:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok keep changing their algorithm several times in a year!

It is being observed that most creators believe in Instagram only but that is actually a bad strategy. Even if the engagement is lower, the content should be uploaded in at least three platforms.

2. Send a GIFT to the Influencer:

Let’s say, someone is a sketch artist and he/she wants to build a personal brand.

What most people do is, they create a sketch of Bollywood and Hollywood stars, sportspersons and big Youtubers. Here, there is a huge possibility that these people will not even look at the sketch!


They are already a big star! They are not going to promote anyone for FREE. And if they promote, that’s the best thing!

Here is what we need to do. Step by step solution.

  • Do some research on what kind of content people love to the consumer.
  • Identify small Youtubers, entrepreneurs and Instagram influencers.
  • Do the sketch for at least 40-50 and send these people in a physical form.
  • Also, add a small letter to express love towards the content creator and finally mention Instagram account id.
  • As soon as the creator receives the sketch, he/she will share on social media and then boom! Wait and watch!

By following these methods, any artist from any field can easily build a personal brand.

Here, I have mentioned small creators for sending sketches as a gift because these people will definitely share as they also want to share how popular they are and they also want to build their personal brand. That’s it. Simple logic.

3. Upload More Video Content:

Videos have been getting astonishing engagement for the last 3 years.

Facebook and Instagram both give higher organic growth in video content. That’s the reason it is mandatory to upload more video content.

4. Invest in Ads:

Look, there will time when an artist reaches the saturation point. From that level, the creator will not get organic growth.

Ads are an essential thing for creating massive growth and build a personal brand.

We would love to help to build a personal brand. Targeting the right audience, retargeting and lookalike audiences are the best way to build a personal brand.

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5. TikTok:

Many of us think that TikTok is just a platform for entertainment and comedy.

As an artist, one is in the field of creativity. And, TikTok users love such creative content.

Besides, TikTok has higher organic growth than any other platform in the world.

Post more content on TikTok every single day and don’t expect anything for at least 30 days. Use hashtags related to a specific niche.

6. Tell a Story:

Storytelling on social media can bring more loyal followers and it increases engagement rates.

If one is not comfortable in front of a camera, he/she can tell a story in the Instagram caption. Writing short, medium and long-form of content in the post is super beneficial.

If one is comfortable in front of a camera then stories are the best thing to upload for telling a story.

Now many of you may have question “What should we record or write to tell a story?”

The answer is really simple.

One can express his/her feelings while creating content. Or one can write or record why he/she is creating this post.

This is how one can create sharable content.

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