What is a Funnel in Digital Marketing and its Importance

Importance of Creating Funnels

I have met many clients who expect high-quality results just after running a campaign on social media. We can get high-quality results but the approach of using social media marketing should be building a brand reputation so that a consumer becomes loyal with our product or service.

Here is What is a Funnel in digital marketing and its Importance?

If you have ever run a social media marketing campaign, you may know that we can track all the details of our ad. That means, it is possible to know how many people our ad has reached, how many people have clicked on CTA(Call to Action) button, how many people liked our ad and so many things.

The same thing we cannot do when we promote our business in a newspaper, billboards, and radio.

Data is the most valuable thing we get while promoting a business online. Despite having information about the prospected consumers, there are many businesses that are struggling to get good results from an online marketing campaign.

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Analyzing data is the most essential thing in order to get an amazing thing. To get consistently higher ROI(Return on Investment), we must know how to work with funnels.

What is a Funnel in Digital Marketing and its Importance:

Today’s consumers do not follow the old trend. That’s the reason we are not getting sufficient results in the online marketing campaign.

Creating a funnel is all about narrowing down the target audience and selling the products or services to the people who are passionate about your niche.

However it takes time, but the chances of getting significant results increase a lot.

This figure demonstrate how we should create a funnel for our business.

What is a Funnel in Digital Marketing and its Importance

Let’s understand how to execute step by step.

Step 1: Awareness

Your approach should be reaching to maximum people. Most of the people don’t know about your products or services.

Reaching to the people in a broad way is the best practice. We should run 3-5 branding/awareness campaigns that contain a different type of age group.

After 3-5 campaigns, analyze which campaign has higher engagement and higher clicks.

Step 2: Interest

Now you have found the best age group for your business.

Let’s just narrow our audience by their interest, behaviour and demographics.

Target three different audiences and start promoting engagement campaign.

After finishing these campaigns, we will get to know about the people who are interested in our product or service.

Step 3: Desire

In this step, we will deliver high-quality information about our product or services. This way we provide value in their life.

For instance…

  • 6 benefits of Using X product/service
  • We have strategies that will make you millionier. Watch this video.
  • Ever wonder to have a home in the post prestigious area of a city? We have an amazing offer for you. Call Now.

By doing this, we eventually build our brand slowly.

Step 4: Action

We will see decent results from step 3.

Now, our approach is to deliver ads to the people who have leveraged our content.

That means we will save the audience (who have consumed our content) from step 3.

It’s time to spend more money on ads. When a user opens Facebook and Instagram, our ads should display everywhere. We will deliver the ad 7-8 times in a day to the same person.

This is how we have increased significant chances of conversion.


Hence, we can clearly understand the importance of funnels for every business.

Large companies apply these methods every time when they are coming up with a new product or service.

As a business owner, if you are able to think like a big organization, you will see amazing results.

Do you want to create funnels help to grow your business?

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