guide to promote business on quora

How to Promote Business on Quora?

Many businesses have literally ignored Quora. It is a social media platform if you understand the business model of Quora properly.

Quora is the world’s biggest question and answer platform.

In which, people can ask question and also can write answer.

Well, Quora has 100 million monthly unique visitors.

It is a platform where a business can get maximum conversion rate. Because people visit Quora to find the answer they want to know.

If you don’t have a website and your business have enough search query on Google, then start writing answers related to your business.

Building online reputation is the most required thing in today’s world.

Quora Ads are more expensive than Google Ads and Social Media Marketing ads. But, it generates more traffic for sure!

That’s how you can appear on the top of Google search. And eventually, you able to generate more sales.

Build your Brand on Quora:

When you provide FREE information to people even when you know many of them will not purchase your product or service, your brand value will increase.

You have not sell anything to people. But, you have provided the quality information to the people.

That will build the trust of people to your brand.

Here is what to do…

  • Write a detailed answer to your business category.
  • Add Images in your answer.
  • Add a video if possible.
  • Create a backlink for your business website.
  • Mention email address or any CTA(Call to Action) at the end of the answer.

By doing this thing, you able to create brand value. And eventually, that will help you to grow your business.

Promote your Business on Quora:

Using Quora, it is very easy to target an audience based on the ‘Topics’ are being searched on the Quora.

guide to promote business on quora

As, we can see from the images. This is how ads are being on the Quora.

At the top of the page, there are topics which are related to the question.

Next area is displayed for Question.

And now, there is a section for ad.

It has the higher conversation rate than any other platform because in this question, I am looking for how to make money online.

And the ad is so relevant that it has higher conversation rate.

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