benefits of promoting travel agencies on social media

Promoting Travel Agencies on Social Media

There are lots of travel agencies in the world. Most of them prefer to promoting their business on newspapers. Here are 5 benefits of promoting travel agencies on social media.

Local companies spend thousands on newspaper ads. Big and mediumsized travel agencies spend millions on newspaper ads.

Even after spending high on marketing, travel agencies are not getting enough response from the people.

You know the reason, why?

In the world of traveling, there is already huge competition among big players such as MakeMyTrip, Yatra, ThomasCook, Flamingo, Cox and Kings and many more.

These companies are spending millions of dollars on digital ads (Google ads and Facebook ads mainly). These companies are promoting their business not only nationally but also internationally.

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And nowadays, people first check the reviews on the internet rather than asking someone about their experience. We as marketers call it Online Brand Reputation.

Don’t you think you should start promoting your travel agency online?

5 Benefits of Promoting Travel Agency on Social Media:

1. Brand Awareness:

People should know about your travel agency.

We can simply promote a video ad that shows the brand loyalty. In video, we should include things such as how many years of experience you have in this field, how many tours you have done, how many people have traveled via your travel agencies and many more.

2. Find Those Who are Interested in Traveling:

When we promote business on newspaper, we don’t the how many people are interested in buying our product or service.

On the other hand, social media provides the facility to find out how many people are interested in purchasing our product or service.

You can reach to the people anywhere in the world.

3. High Quality Targeting:

People nowadays love to travel abroad. These are people who either newly-married or newly engaged.

By using social media marketing, we can target those who are newly married or newly engaged.

We can also target the people who use the flagship(high-end) smartphone have the maximum capacity to purchase our traveling package.

4. Re-Marketing:

Let’s say you have a website of your travel agency and you have promoted company on social media. Now, you are getting traffic to your website.

We can display ad to those only who have visited our website. That means we have narrowed our target audience and it increases the highest potential to become consumers.

5. Taking a Feedback:

In the world of internet, people have the freedom to talk about your service openly.

That’s why if you want to maintain the brand reputation then tell your consumers who have traveled via your agency to give feedback.

The more feedback you get, the more you will improve service and brand loyalty will also increase a lot.

Are you ready to boost your travel agency business on social media?

Let us help to build your brand on the internet. Contact for the best social media marketing solution.

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