Storytelling for Business: Traditional Ads Vs Digital Ads

Storytelling for Business: Traditional Ads Vs Digital Ads

For selling any product and service, we as business owners should have a good story to tell consumers. Here is Storytelling for business: Tradional ads vs Digital ads.

Many entrepreneurs have been adapting the change in marketing.

Before we get into the core topic, let’s take a look What is Story Telling?

What is Storytelling for Business?

Sales pitch and storytelling are totally different thing.

In the sales pitch, our approach is to sell products or services by convincing consumers that our product is the best suitable option for you.

We directly meet the ‘end consumer’ and give information about our product and try to sell it. Such things are generally considered in a sales pitch.

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While in storytelling, our approach is never to sell product or service.

Wait? What did I say?

The intention of story telling is to make people aware about your products.

Being honest while telling the story is the most important thing.

For instance, we are comparing two products. We will have pros and cons of both the products. And let the consumer decides what he/she wants.

In other words, story telling is to provide value to your consumers first(without trying to sell anything).

But, Anuj… How can we provide value to our consumers?

Let me explain with the two different areas of marketing mainly.

Story Telling with Traditional Ads:

When we promote our business with the help of television, newspaper, billboards and radio, that means we are using traditional approach to promote our business.

There is no doubt. Currently in 2019, traditional ads have tremendous popularity over digital ads.

But, the things can change quickly.

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We can provide value to our consumer why telling them about the benefits of using our products, in-depth analysis of our product and many more.

When we try to do such things in traditional ads, it requires large capital.

The pricing of traditional ads is so high that it would become difficult for business owners to start telling a story.

That’s the reason most newspaper ads are based on sales pitch.

Medium or large companies can afford high pricing. That’s the reason, the ads we see on the television are only based on telling a story.

Let take some examples…

Cadbury Celebrations – Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye:

The company is sharing happiness(in the form of a story). Cadbury is telling you silently and constantly that instead of buying sweets from your local store, buy Cadbury celebrations in festive days.

Fogg – Kya Chal Raha Hain:

This company is famous for making amazing television ads. Nowadays, the company has created enough brand equity that when someone talks about perfume or body spray, FOGG comes the first in the mind.

Storytelling with Digital Ads:

While in traditional ads telling a story requires so much investment in marketing. And still, we cannot predict the results because traditional ads don’t provide the trust-able data.

Digital ads does not require money to tell a story.

Wait! What?

We as business owners should leverage online platforms and providing value there.

This way, we will be able to build a strong brand reputation without spending millions in ads.

All we have to do is just talk about our product.

Providing value is the most important while promoting business online. We acquire a loyal consumer base without spending anything!

By creating content over the businessspecific area and publishing on social media platforms or business website, it creates a huge impact.

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For instance, you own an e-commerce story of dry-fruits.

To create a story, what you need to do is creating content related to dry fruits.

You can give such title if you are interested in writing a blog post.

  • 5 Benefits of Eating Almonds Everyday
  • Eat These Dry Fruits to Stay Healthy in your Diet

Ways to Tell a Story:

Here some quick ways all the business owners can use.

  • Creating Instagram Post, Stories and IGTV videos.
  • Create a Facebook post.
  • LinkedIn article.
  • Web blog.
  • Youtube and Facebook for videos.
  • Infographic.
  • Podcast


Creating a story in the form of content is the most important thing one really wants to scale up his/her business.

For small, mid and large businesses, every business needs to tell a story that provides value to consumers and grabs the attention.

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