Strategies to Promote Salon/Spa on Social Media

How to Promote Salon/Spa Business on Social Media?

Millennial love to spend time and money on salon and spa. They are likely to take more care of their look than any other generation. Here are the strategies to promote salon/spa business on social media.

As we all know the people of this generation spend more time on social media. They don’t have an habit to read a newspaper. That’s the fundamental reason to switch advertising channel.

TV actor/actress, Film actor/actress and social media influencer share their new looks on the platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Most of the users try to look like their favorite celebrities. That’s where salon/spa owners can take advantage and promote the business on social media.

When it comes to services based businesses most of the time companies should try to sell experience to their prospected client rather than directly tell them to buy our service.

We need to focus on not only experience but also in telling all the benefits of using our service. This way we can build trust.

5 Strategies to Promote Salon/Spa on Social Media:

1. Bootstrapping:

For the initial days of promoting a business on social media, bootstrapping strategies that means taking less profit and focus on investment for building the brand is the best approach.

I want you to create a separate budget for social media marketing campaign.

When you publish ad continuously to the same target audience, the chances of conversion increase a lot.

Try to invest at least 20% of your monthly revenue. By doing this, you will be able to build a strong brand reputation for your business.

2. Engagement Ad:

Every business needs a proper marketing ad campaign with a view to getting more consumers.

For instance, a lead generation campaign is better for B2B (Business to Business) and engagement campaign is better of B2C(Business to Consumers).

Salon/Spa is a B2C business. That’s the reason engagement ads work really well compare to other types of ads.

3. One Minute Video Ad:

If you are a B2C business and not leveraging video ad then you are probably doing the wrong path.

Social media platforms keep changing their algorithm. Currently, all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are pushing video ads.

For instance, you can create a video like presentation. That way you get higher engagement than publishing ad of an image.

4. Focused Target Audience:

We can target those only who are interested in buying our services.

For instance, if you provide only male-specific services having a higher price range, then we need to target only those who can afford our services.

Targeting a specific audience is the biggest advantage of promoting a business on social media.

5. Custom Audience:

Creating a custom audience will help us to target those people only who have engaged with our Facebook or Instagram page.

After doing a video ad or engagement ad, we should create a custom audience so that we can separate those people who are genuinely looking to buy our service.

Are you ready to boost your salon/spa business on social media?

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