What are Digital Audits? Types of Digital Audits

What are Digital Audits?

Most of the business owners who want to promote their brand on the internet believe that there are only a few channels on the internet and the company does not require to give more time on the other platforms.

Let’s understand What are Digital Audits? Types of Digital Audits.

If any company is promoting a business on only a single platform and not focusing omnichannel approach then still there are lots of thing for the research.

Digital audits mean to create a report that demonstrates the complete analysis of a company on the internet. The approach of digital audits is to analyze an online presence of a company.

By understanding this report, one can easily understand what are the areas to be improved and what are the areas that have high-quality standards.

As, we all know there are two types of marketing strategies on the internet. The report includes such things that the company cannot even imagine.

What are Digital Audits? Types of Digital Audits:

Just focusing on only one channel is not a good approach nowadays. We need to keep shifting according to market demand. That’s the reason if the channel X is not belonging to your business, you still need to leverage channel X.

What are Digital Audits? Types of Digital Audits
Importance of Digital Audits by Anuj Vohra – Easyka Digital Solutions LLP

Digital Audit indicates should-have, could-have and must have strategies for the business.

Social Media Audits:

For all the businesses, social media audits and search engine audits are two of the most important things.

When we analyze all the social media platforms briefly and create a detailed report that explains how to increase online brand reputation and content marketing methods.

Let’s understand social media audits for Facebook and Instagram.


We as a digital marketing agency analyze based on these aspects for a Facebook Business Page.

  • Custom URL.
  • Call to Action.
  • Niche of a business.
  • The visibility and resolution of profile picture and cover picture.
  • How many images are being uploaded per month?
  • The response of messages and comments.
  • Videos uploaded per month.
  • How much money should be spent on marketing?
  • Analyzing the quality of content.


Most of the things will remain the same for Facebook and Instagram. But here, I have written things that are different from Facebook.

  • Leveraging IGTV(Instagram TV).
  • Number of hashtags being used.
  • Instgram story posting frequency per day.

Search Engine Audits:

Today, most of the businesses have a website with a view to obtaining an online presence. Here is what we as a digital marketing agency examine the appearance of a business on the search engine.

More than 85% of searches on the internet are being done using Google. That’s the reason we don’t need to focus on any other search engine platforms.

Here is what search engine audits include:

  • Google Analytics listing.
  • Google Search Console listing.
  • Search Engine Opimization.
  • User Interface and User Experience(UI & UX) of a website.
  • Keyword research.
  • Speed of a website.
  • Security.

It also includes connected social media platforms to a website, media Optimization and mobile friendlyness.

This is how we can understand what activities we can perform to increase the brand value of our brand on the internet.

Are you ready for the complete digital audit of your business?

Let us help to build your brand on the internet. Contact us for the best, highly-efficient and most advanced digital audit at the affordable rates.

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