search engine marketing explained

What is Search Engine Marketing(SEM)?

When we promote ad of our product or service on the search engine, it is called as Search Engine Marketing.

In SEM, we only consider Google search engine because it has a huge user base. Google contains 92.25% of market share of search engines.

Well, Google ads is based on the location of users, age of users, male or female and also the interest of users.

We as a marketer call it STP(Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning).

By using such amazing features, we can target the prospected consumers effectively which helps to grow business.

Before running any of the campaign of SEM, we first have to decide the keywords

Four Type of Search Engine Marketing(SEM) :

1. Search Network Only Ads:

Search network only ads are based on the search engine only. That means, our ad will only appear when someone searches on Google related to our product or service.

Mostly these ads are text based ads. The ad will also appear on the google search partner sites based on the keyword.

Search network only ads provides CTA(Call to Action) features in which we can include URL, Phone number, Location and Social link.

2. Search Network with Display Ads:

Search network with display ads contains images in ads. In only search network ads, the ads are always text based.

In search network with display ads, images are available in ads. Such ads are available in Google search and Google search partner sites.

It also provides CTA(Call to Action) facilities. By using CTA, our targeted consumers can directly buy product or service from us.

3. Display Network Only Ads:

People love creative images. By using display network only ads, we use only google search partner sites for promoting our products or services.

Such ads will always be responsive which means it will work on the smartphone as well as computers, tablets and all type of devices.

Shopping Ads:

Shopping ads are the best example of display network.

For instance, I am searching ‘buy smartphone’ on Google. The search engine will show the result on the first page of google search.

Generally, it is based on the products those have been purchasing many times and the ad campaign for that particular product.

Shopping ads work on not only in just google search but also all the associated websites with Google.

4. Video Ads:

Youtube Ads are considered as video ads in SEM(Search Engine Marketing).

Such as in SEM are the most emerging in the market because video based ads have higher conversion rate than any other ads.

Video ads can be 5-10 seconds of duration and it is also possible to start a campaign of video ad which contains 5 to 10 minutes of video.

That’s how we love to help promoting your business with the help of SEM.

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