seo explained in easy language

What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

Those who have a website and want to increase ranking on Google, SEO is the best thing to do.

In simple words, SEO means increasing the rank of a website on any search engine by improving the quality of the website. SEO contains so many things that’s why it takes a lot of time to rank a website.

For instance, if I want to buy a domain name and I am simply searching ‘buy a domain‘ on google. Here ‘buy a domain’ is a keyword.

Search engine will search the relative sites which contains ‘buy domain’ keyword.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization | Explained with Example:

Understanding SEO becomes complex many times because there are lot of information on the internet. That may become confusing.

Here is the best example.

Here we have 4 results on the first page of search. These ads are paid which contains ‘Buy now’ keyword.

Such ads are often called as Search Engine Marketing(SEM).

After these 4 ads, we have organic results. Which means such results that provide the best information based on the Google Search algorithm.

seo explained in easy language

Many times, SEO rank also depends on the quality of website which means how code is written on the website. The organization of each content should be understood easily by the user.

SEO contains SEO title, meta description and keyword mainly. Besides, the higher SEO rank is also based on quality of content on the website, length of the content and back-links.

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That’s why the SEO algorithm keeps changing. We also need to learn new things that can either maintain our higher rank in search engine or increase rank.

SEO is based on the content we have written on our business website. On page SEO and Off page SEO are the two types of SEO. Both are responsible to appear your business on Google.

SEO explained in easy language:

All the things related to your business website should be perfect. From coding to website speed, every thing should work properly.

Then and then it is possible to increase SEO rank and get the first page result in google.


We all know there are millions of websites on the internet. That’s why there are millions of businesses are running because of the internet.

We provide such SEO tricks that improves the quality of website. The quality of website can be improved by making our website faster, making website secure, mobile friendly website, increasing social media reputation, increasing the user experience of website.

That’s how we help to build your online reputation and increase google search appearance.

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