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Why Digital Marketing is very Important for Every Business?

Online marketing or digital marketing is the most important thing in every business.

After the internet revolution by Reliance Jio, the number of internet increased significantly. And still, it is increasing.

People love Internet:

There are so many people in rural area still use feature phones and they don’t use internet. For last 3 years, people are shifting their feature phones to the smartphone and started using internet.

According to statista, India is the second largest online marketplace having 460 million internet users behind China. By 2021, this number will reach to the 635.8 million users.

This simply means the personal data on the internet is increasing.

When people use social media and google search, there is so much information captured by such platforms.

And, we all know that, internet users in India is increasing day by day. The more users, the more data and the more prospected clients.

Besides, digital ad platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter provide such features that can easily boost your business.

Why? Because they give us the options to target our prospected consumers.

The most important thing about such digital platforms is the costing of marketing.

People use more smartphones that’s why businesses have a big advantage.

Traditional Ads:

Traditional marketing is becoming costly nowadays. Also, it is very difficult to target people from traditional ads. For instance, we cannot easily target users on TV ads and Newspaper ads.

That means, TV ads and Newspaper ads watch by kids, youngsters and old age people. Simply, we cannot target based on the age and interest of users.

That’s why to increase your business. It is nessacary to use digital services for marketing.

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